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The Role Of A Security Guard

It is the role of a security guard to protect people, property and information. However, they have different obligations to different groups.

First, as a security guard, you have a responsibility to your employer to insure security and protection of their property. This will involve:

-Making the best and most complete effort to ensure premises and property are protected in an appropriate and effective fashion against a variety of natural and criminal threats. This includes not just vandalism and theft, but also anything else that might damage the property. A fire or a single burst water pipe can easily do more damage to a business than a burglar.

-Detecting, preventing and then reacting appropriately to the commission of criminal or any other damaging actions on or against the property of the client.

-Your obligation is to perform your duties in a professional and thoughtful way, which enables the client to have confidence that they will not lose business, face a civil lawsuit, or be portrayed negatively in the press.

Second,  there is a responsibility to the public. A security guard is often assigned the duty of protecting the public from loss or injury while on the client’s premises. This includes:

-Keeping the public out of harm’s way by keeping them away from dangerous areas or actions where they might hurt themselves, or directing them around hazardous work areas,

-A responsibility to cooperate with law enforcement officials, where necessary and appropriate, such as detaining someone who has committed a criminal offence. A security guard may be able to supplement the efforts of police, either by performing preliminary investigations, preventing the commission of a crime, or securing a crime scene until the police can arrive. Security personnel are also be a valuable source of information to the police regarding building layouts, entries and exits, and hazardous conditions.

-In emergencies, people sometimes look to security guards as potential figures of authority for leadership and guidance.

-Because of their knowledge and authority, security guards can also be of assistance to other emergency personnel. Using that knowledge can get firefighters, or emergency medical teams to arrive on site faster, and safer.

-When criminal charges have been appropriately made as the result of information a security guard gave to the police, and the proper procedures were followed in making an arrest, the security guard will be expected to testify to the court in a professional manner.

Finally, a security guard has a responsibility to themselves. A security guard needs to recognize that they are a professional, and are in a position that involves tremendous responsibility. Cutty Protection and Security agents are often responsible for protecting many thousands, or even millions of dollars of property and equipment. Consequently, the guard must act in a serious and responsible manner at all times.

Observe, prevent, record, report, and assist. Although a security guard’s daily routine may vary, one thing does not change. A security guard’s primary responsibility is to provide protection to the personnel, property and information of the client.

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