What Does A Security Guard Do?

The core function of a security guard service in Phoenix, Arizona is to prevent crime from taking place in a business or workplace environment. A security guard is a highly-trained professional, skilled in assessing situations that pose a threat to businesses and mitigating risks that threaten the safety of property and people and the security of assets of a business.

As part of their professional training, a security guard is empowered with the right set of skills, knowledge, awareness and instincts to deliver a safe and secure business environment.

The importance of hiring security guards for a business

For any business to survive and thrive there is no getting away from the risk of safety and security as top priorities. Loss to theft and damage to property are devastating costs that can burden even the most successful of businesses, let alone a small business.

What is the cost of criminal activity to business?

According to a survey carried out by Business.org, 54 percent of small-business owners reported a spike in shoplifting in the U.S. in 2021. Organized theft by criminal networks cost retailers in the U.S. a total of $68.9 billion (2019) with three-quarters of retailers describing an increase in retail theft.

Rising retail theft harms more than just businesses; innocent customers, staffand local communities bear the brunt of criminal activity too. Some businesses can no longer sustain these losses and end up closing down, resulting in job losses.

Having the services of security guards on the premises can level up security and minimize the occurrence of theft; ensuring businesses remain open for business.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a trained security guard?

Security guards can carry out a number of duties and responsibilities depending on the nature and needs of the business and industry they serve. The most common duties of a security guard are to:

  • Remain visible

The visible presence of a security guard acts as a deterrent for criminals and offers a higher sense of security for customers and employees. Unlike an alarm system that remains fixed in place and only activated once criminals have committed a crime, security guards placed onsite reduce the chance of a crime from taking place altogether.

  • Be vigilant

Security guards are the eyes and ears of a business. They, therefore. need to be on constant alert, keeping an eye out for any suspicious behavior and anything out of the ordinary in their surroundings.

  • Respond to a crisis

In addition to being observant, another essential duty of a security guard is to report and respond promptly to emergency or dangerous situations. Their observances of the situation can provide valuable information to authorities or first responders.

  • Monitor entrances and exits

Screening entrances and exits is another important duty to enhance the security of a business as unauthorized access to the premises poses a major threat for many organizations including medical centers and educational facilities.

Why hire professional security guard services?

The services of well-trained security guards are a welcome addition to take safety and security in a business environment to the next level. Much can be said about sophisticated security systems but there is no equal to the value offered by bona-fide security professionals.

A workplace or business environment that is protected by a security guard is an assurance to employees, visitors and customers that their safety is prioritized. Customers can shop in peace which is good for business. Another plus for the business’s bottom line is that productivity is given a boost when employees feel safe in the environment they work in.

Security guards also double up as customer service ambassadors. They fulfill this value-add customer-oriented service by assisting customers in answering their questions and directing them to relevant departments, escorting customers to their vehicles after dark and providing assistance for the disabled and elderly patrons or visitors if they need it.

The benefits referred to above are just some of the more convincing arguments in favor of hiring trained security personnel. Of course, when selecting your preferred professional protection and security service provider, it pays to be led by experience and expertise.

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