Cutty has the answer.
Vehicle patrol for any budget.
Effective Pro-active low cost security.

Marked vehicles with lights rolling and all doors, gates, dumpsters and windows checked on each location. Keeping your facility safe and secure. Thats how we roll at Cutty.

Cutty Protection Patrol

Cutty’s Vehicle Patrol Division offers a distinctive and efficient solution for providing high visibility and cost-effective security to our clients. By covering more ground in less time, we ensure the safety of your property. Vehicle Patrol is particularly useful for deterring unwanted visitors during nighttime hours.

It’s impossible for a single individual on foot to be in two places at once. With Vehicle Patrol, our marked unit with red and amber lights appears to be everywhere at all times. Combining this with “boots on the ground” provides an even more effective security solution within your budget.

In addition to our patrol services, Cutty’s Vehicle Patrol also offers alarm response for our contracted clients. We provide daily reports on any activity observed on each property, including middle-of-the-night move-outs, broken gates, windows, lights, abandoned cars, and other concerning elements.

Cutty has established a strong relationship with law enforcement, and they are always available to assist us when needed. As each property is unique, Cutty will assess your specific security requirements with you to develop an effective plan that fits your budget. Our objective is to provide our clients with the best possible security services.

Industrial Buildings

Driving around your industrial premises during nighttime and weekends with the vehicle lights on is a significant measure to discourage criminal activities. It is our standard procedure to inspect all doors, gates, windows, and company vehicles.

Strip Malls

Having a marked vehicle on the premises is an excellent way to deter criminal opportunists. By scheduling patrols at varying times each night, it keeps criminals guessing, and they are more likely to choose an easier and different location to vandalize or rob.

Residential HOA

Cutty offers a marked vehicle that patrols the neighborhood and/or parking lots at different times during the night, inspecting pools, gates, and windows for any signs of suspicious activity. Our team of professionals works tirelessly to ensure the safety of the neighborhood while you sleep soundly.