Special Events

We have you covered;
Cutty is the leader in high profile event security.

Cutty Protection & Special Events

Movie Screenings

Agents work in collaboration with your staff to safeguard your film against piracy and ensure the safety and security of both your customers and employees. Among the available options are the use of night vision technology and ongoing monitoring of the crowd.


As one of the limited number of licensed companies authorized to provide security services in casinos, Cutty boasts a team of officers who are cross-licensed and trained in both private investigation and security. Our Elite Team specializes in ensuring the safety and security of high-profile events, including concerts and celebrity functions. With our vast expertise, we can guarantee a secure, enjoyable experience for your casino’s patrons.

Hotels and special events

Cutty’s objective is to ensure that your hotel and event provide a safe, secure, and enjoyable experience for all. Our agents are highly trained to handle any incidents discreetly and efficiently, so as not to cause any inconvenience to other guests. Our priority is to resolve any issues promptly and inconspicuously, to maintain a positive atmosphere throughout.