Security in Excellence
Proud professionals with a proven track record at your service

Uniformed, armed or unarmed posted at key locations for specific concerns.

Cutty Protection & Security

and Jewelry Stores

Cutty’s Agents are available to welcome and safeguard your clients, as well as preserve the assets of the store, whether they are armed or unarmed. They will also assist staff by following established emergency procedures and use their expertise to identify potential issues.

and Distribution Centers

Agents in uniform can be positioned at entry and exit points, and roaming personnel can cover all critical areas of concern. Bag inspections and/or metal detection may be conducted. All vehicles entering and exiting can be logged and inspected for security purposes.

High-rise Buildings
and Offices

Having agents stationed in lobbies and patrolling the premises can be an effective way to deter crime. Additionally, our agents are always available to assist your tenants promptly.