Security in Excellence.
Proud professionals with a proven track record at your serviceu2026
Uniformed, armed or unarmed posted at key locations for specific concerns.


Cutty has the answer. Vehicle patrol for any budget.
Effective Pro-active low cost security. Marked vehicles with lights rolling and all doors, gates, dumpsters and windows checked on each location. Keeping your facility safe and secure. Thats how we roll at Cutty.

Special Events

Cruising your industrial buildings at night and on weekends with lights rolling is a big deterrent to crime. Checking all doors, gates, windows and company vehicles is standard protocol.

Executive Protection

Over the last 25 years Cutty has protected the rich and famous of Phoenix, and the world. We specialize in special events, movie screenings, parties, social events and personal outings. Our agents are cross-trained and licensed as both Private Security and Private Investigators. Cutty has never had a client injured while on our watch.