What Is Executive Protection?

Executive Protection services focus on providing heightened security measures for anyone who is exposed to security threats due to their status. Usually, it is high-profile individuals like VIPs or celebrities who require these Executive Protection services: anyone from dignitaries to professional athletes to business professionals with a high net worth can fit this profile.

Stalking, kidnapping, physical assault, theft and invasion of privacy are all common safety threats that are an enhanced risk for individuals with a public profile due to their wealth, status, employment or political affiliation.

What do Executive Protection services involve?

Executive Protection is more than having a bodyguard shadow you around red-carpet events and personal outings, it is about mitigating risk. The duties of a bodyguard involve protecting a client at a time when a threat presents itself (reactionary). The job of an Executive Protection Agent is a proactive one and the work is three-fold. They are responsible for planning, executing and performing ongoing assessments of vulnerabilities and threats.

An Executive Protection Specialist may map out routes, assess parking facilities and identify suitable entrances and exits before an event. Depending on the specific client’s needs, Executive Protection services may involve a single Executive Protection Specialist or a larger team.

The duties of an Executive Protection Specialist may include driving and concierge services, as well as liaising with venues and airport staff, for both domestic and international travel.

In addition to commanding extensive experience in the field, Executive Protection Agents should be well-trained and possess relevant skills such as defensive driving tactics, firearm handling, and physical combat and defense. Other essential competencies include good communication and interpersonal skills, as well as digital literacy.

Are Executive Protection Services the right choice for you? Here are a few situations where Executive Protection Services are particularly beneficial.

Situations that require Executive Protection services

Public appearances

Public appearances for celebrities and VIPs warrant the need for Executive Protection services. Whether it is hosting an event, attending a conference or headlining a cultural event, the risk of a potential threat is alarmingly high.


Public attention for celebrities may be their bread and butter but the constant eye of the paparazzi can be ruthless and intrusive. In this day and age, when the everyday routine of a celebrity is live-streamed, the threat of a stalker surfacing at any moment is a constant nightmare.

Home security

It is not only while out in public that high-status individuals need to feel safe and protected, but in their own homes too. Having Executive Protection services deployed at home goes a long way to help a celebrity to feel comfortable and relaxed, knowing that their home and loved ones are protected too.

Obsessed fans

Not all adoration and love from fans is benign. There are those fans whose initial adoration can turn into hatred and obsession against their once-favored movie star or musician. It is not unheard of for a deranged fan to overstep boundaries and cause a serious security concern for the celebrity.

Family members

Not only well-known or high-profile individuals are at risk for potential security threats, but the lives of their family members as well. Relatives and even much-loved pets can become targets for ransom or to gain access to protected information.

Why choose Cutty Protection and Security for executive protection services?

Cutty Protection and Security has more than 25 years of valuable experience in protecting high-profile individuals, and the rich and famous. Our expertly-trained Executive Protection Agents are considered the elite in the executive protection business. To learn more about what we do or to discuss your executive protection needs, contact us today.