What Are Good Qualities To Have In A Security Guard?

To ensure that we offer our clients excellent security guard services in Phoenix, AZ, we at Cutty Security require our security guards to possess a unique complement of characteristics and competencies. It is this special skillset that allows them to perform their varied range of security guard duties to the highest level.

The on-the-job demands of a security guard are no longer limited to just observing and reporting. Much more is required of a security guard today than merely having an observant eye and a muscled physique.

To protect the security of businesses in the modern era, the role of a security guard includes crime prevention, surveillance and monitoring, inspiring confidence in the safety of customers and employees and customer service. It is vitally important for a security guard to be suitably equipped to handle the variety of responsibilities required of them.

In our continuing commitment to providing our clients with a first-class security service, our security guards must prove themselves in seven key areas of security guarding.

What are the seven key competencies of security guards?

According to a report commissioned by the International Foundation for Protection Officers, 10,625 security guards from nine countries around the world including the U.S. identified a number of personality traits important to effective security guarding services.

The Competence of Frontline Security Professionals and What They Say About Their Work survey established the following as must-have security guard characteristics:


  • Communication skills
  • Social skills
  • Strong sense of self-awareness and empathy
  • Shows initiative
  • Capable of being flexible
  • Willingness to learn and adapt as the situation changes
  • Ability to take care of themselves

Having the above personality traits sets the foundation for security guards to carry out their security responsibilities and tasks to the highest level, security guards need to:


  1. Be assertive when required.
  2. Know how to manage people including difficult people.
  3. Display excellent decision-making skills.
  4. Cope well in highly pressurized situations.
  5. Be able to assume command in emergency situations.


What qualities should a good security guard possess?



We make a purposeful distinction between a mere security guard and a great security guard for it is only the latter that will offer a superb level of security guard services. Protecting the lives of people and property is a challenging job, and to do it well, a great security guard must offer more physical fitness, strength and the ability to remain alert for long hours at a time.

Great strides have been made in security technologies to offer sophisticated systems for surveillance and monitoring but there can be no equal to the physical presence of a security guard patrolling on site.

An exceptional security guard must embody the following qualities:

  • Ability to understand the client’s exact needs

Each business or organization will have their own individual security protection needs. A convenience store may require more observing and surveillance, a large retail business may want entrances and exits closely monitored and a government building will require the credentials of visitors checked.

  • Ability to exercise good judgement

Not all situations will require a security guard to be heavy-handed in their protection duties and so exercising good judgement is required to deal with each situation appropriately. A clear head and the ability to remain calm no matter the situation will serve a security guard well in de-escalation tactics.

  • Being punctual and prepared

As a top security and protection services provider, we value punctuality in our security guards. Any time a security guard is late for his duties leaves the client exposed so being on time, reliable and prepared for unexpected rescheduling are basic must-have qualities.

  • Ability to act quickly

A security guard must be able to gauge the potential threat of a situation and when urgent action needs to be taken.

  • Values honesty

Two traits that are absolutely essential for a security guard to have are honesty and integrity. The lack of these two qualities increases the client’s vulnerability to security threats.


Why choose us for first-rate security protection?

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