Does My Business Need Security Services?

The most effective way to protect your business against security threats is by hiring the dedicated professional services of a reputable private security company in Phoenix, AZ. This is true whether you own a jewelry store, warehouse, storage facility, retail or convenience store.

According to their latest available organized retail crime (ORC) survey, the National Retail Federation (NRF) has found that the financial impact for retailers in the U.S. cost an average loss of $719,548 for every $1 billion dollars in sales. Organized retail criminals have become more brazen in their attacks which include smash-and-grabs and other in-store attacks.

Due to criminal activity on their premises, businesses face inventory loss, property damage and the inability to obtain commercial insurance – all of which may be insurmountable challenges for a small business to overcome.

Yes, hiring a private security guard company to safeguard your business will add to your operating overheads but consider how punishing the consequences would be to your financial situation should you be a victim of commercial crime.

Here are a few circumstances to consider that put forward a good argument for professional security guard company services.

5 Signs your business needs private security services


1. There has been an increase in crime in the area

The first obvious red flag that your business needs the protection of professional security guard services is the spike in crime in the area your business is placed in. The smart decision would be to take the right security measures to deter and discourage criminals. Hiring expert private security guard services can provide your business with the right level of security and protection it needs.

2. You need an appropriate response to emergency situations

You may not be aware of this but professionally-trained security guards have the training, skills and experience to handle all kinds of emergency situations, from fire outbreaks to physical brawls to medical emergencies. The right security guard company can help you establish an emergency response plan that fits in with your business’s needs.

3. You need to guard against employee theft

Threats to your business do not only come from external sources but often from within too. Employee fraud statistics released by the National federation of independent Business show that two-thirds of small businesses based in the U.S. have endured losses due to employee theft. “Buddy punching’, stealing a company’s sensitive information, asset misappropriation and financial statement fraud are all common types of criminal activities perpetuated by employees.

 4. You need to implement a visitor management plan

Do you receive a lot of visitors at your place of business? Having a professional security guard stationed at entry and exit points can monitor who comes into your premises, for what purpose and the time they leave.

5. Employees start early or work until late

The time when a business is most vulnerable is in the quiet early mornings or late at night. Security guards present especially at these times can ensure the safety of your employees and the protection of your business.

How to hire a security guard company

So, you are in need of the services of a specialist security guard company. The next question is, which one do you choose? If you aim to find the very best quality in safety and protection then know that you will have to invest the time and energy to find the right one. What should you prioritize?

·       Area of expertise

Which areas in security and protection does the security company specialize in? Do they only do remote surveillance, onsite security guards or patrols? Match their experience in the different facets of security and protection to the exact needs of your business. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to security and protection.

·       Licensed to operate

For your own peace of mind, make sure that the security guard company you hire has the relevant license to operate. This ensures you are dealing with a responsible bona fide security company and not a fly-by-night one. Also, check for liability insurance coverage which helps protect you from financial responsibility should an unfortunate situation arise involving security guards or security equipment.

·       Sufficient training of security personnel

The level of security and protection offered by private security guards is tied directly to the quality of training they receive from the security guard company. It is always worth asking the security guard company about the type and extent of training their security guards are given before taking up position at your business.

Why choose Cutty Protection & Security

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