What Is Security Patrolling?

Private security companies offering all-inclusive security patrol services in Phoenix focus on creating a safe business environment – a non-negotiable factor that fosters business growth and success. An effective business security plan needs to include both vehicle patrol services as well as foot patrol guards who put boots on the ground to guarantee that facilities are protected.

Both types of patrolling allow for versatile solutions tailored to meet individual security needs of each business.

Each type of security patrolling service offers a unique set of advantages.

With foot patrolling, security guards can carry out a more thorough inspection of a facility, something that cannot be performed using a vehicle, enabling them to conduct an easier and faster identification of security threats.

Vehicle patrol services are ideal when facilities located on large tracts of land need to be covered or when an immediate response to an emergency situation is required.

The need for vehicle patrol security services

Security threats can happen at any time and security patrolling offers 24/7 protection. The need for security patrol services will depend on factors such as the size of the business, dimensions of the facilities, as well as the value of the company’s assets.

Common reasons to opt for security patrolling include:

Special, corporate and commercial events

Security patrolling offers peace of mind at events where large crowds gather at a venue. Guests, attendees, vendors and event staff need to be protected against criminal intent, and expensive items and equipment also need to be safeguarded for the event to be a success.

Large-sized properties

The likelihood of larger-sized properties becoming the target of criminals is higher, with trespassers, break-ins and theft being a more common occurrence.

Areas where there is a lot of crime

If your business is located in a high crime area, you will be comforted knowing that security vehicles are patrolling the area and keeping an eye out for any unwanted situation.

The higher security risk for growing businesses

Businesses with large inventories and those experiencing an increase in sales will likely need a level of security and protection higher than smaller operations. Securing the environment of growing businesses becomes more complicated since the threats tend to increase as the business escalates.

Benefits of vehicle patrol for your business

There are significant advantages to including vehicle patrols as part of your security and protection toolkit. These benefits include:

A business environment that is fully secure

It is important to keep in mind that security threats can happen at any time of the day. Security patrols operate 24/7 so that your facilities are secure, especially after working hours when no one is on the premises. Security patrols are ideal for residential neighborhoods, commercial properties and construction sites.

Visible deterrent

Like uniformed security guards stationed onsite, marked security vehicles patrolling outside a property offer a visible deterrent for criminals, reducing the likelihood of crimes occurring.

Armed response

When suspicious activity around your business is reported or if the security alarm is triggered, a security patrol vehicle can quickly respond to the situation. There is usually a security patrol vehicle in close proximity.

If you wonder whether security patrolling services are worth the cost, consider the cost of repairing damage to property or loss of assets should your business fall victim of a criminal incident.

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