How Much Does A Security Guard Cost?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to hiring professional security guard services. The cost of security services will depend on the type of assistance that is required to meet each client’s specific needs.

A decision must be made about that extra level of security and protection your business needs: Will you rely on an in-house security system, or will you outsource it to a professional security guard company? Each option has its own set of pros and cons and a direct impact on your security budget.

Should you hire in-house or outsource?

Keeping security and protection in-house involves a totally different set of factors than outsourcing such services. With in-house security, you will need to be prepared to add to your payroll security staff working full-time for your business (and to have these personnel available 24/7/365 because, what are the benefits of relying on a security system that operates only “9 to 5 on working days”?). In addition to salaries and benefits, you will also need to foot the bill for their ongoing training and development courses as well as sick pay and annual leave.

Opting for an in-house security system renders your company ultimately responsible for the level and quality of the training and development of your security personnel, including the costs associated with sourcing T&D facilities and instructors, and ensuring that security guards are suitably skilled and well-equipped.

On the other hand, outsourcing this task to a security services provider with experienced security personnel is highly advantageous for a number of reasons. The quality of security and protection offered by a contracted security guard is unequalled. After all, no one knows the game of security and protection quite like the experts.

What factors determine the cost of outsourced professional security services?

There are a number of factors that come into play when determining the cost of private security services. The most common factors that determine private security fees include the following:

The choice between armed or unarmed security guards

The reason you pay more for armed security guards is a simple one. There are more costs involved with intensive firearm training, the purchase and maintenance of firearms, and obtaining relevant licenses.

Level of experience

It is only logical that working with more experienced security guards will involve a higher cost. Along with more experience, these security guards possess a better set of skills and the right assortment of attributes to offer exceptional security and protection.

Level of security training

Not all security training courses are created equal. A comprehensive training for security guards will include identifying threats and taking appropriate steps to neutralize the situation. Additionally, their training will allow them to perform lethal and non-lethal combat techniques, as required by the situation at hand.

What are the different types of security services?

The cost of hiring security guard services will also depend on the type of security guards you choose. The various types of security services include:

Business and office security

The location of your business is a significant factor contributing to security costs. Security costs for a business situated in an area where crime is a common occurrence will be relatively higher than one located in an area with a low crime rate.

Manufacturing and warehouse facilities house expensive equipment and stock that can be an irresistible invitation for criminal minds. Manufacturing businesses would need a higher level of security, from security guards escorting staff to the parking lot after dark to remote security monitoring and patrol services.

Event security

Special events security is another type of service that requires a location threat assessment. Strategic positioning of security guards on the guard and sophisticated surveillance security are vital elements in event security.

Healthcare facilities security

Healthcare facilities also require a high level of security in order to tightly control access to key areas in the building. Many types of medications, and particularly controlled substances, can be the target of thieves who wish to profit from selling them illegally. These controlled substances can command a high price in the black market. Security cameras, armed patrol vans and remote security guards form part of the security and protection of healthcare facilities.

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