What Is The Most Important Function Of A Security Company?

There is only one hat a specialist private security firm in Phoenix, AZ is asked to wear – that of safeguarding valuable assets of a business: people, physical property, premises. And in wearing this hat, there are myriad roles and security and protection-focused services of private security that are called into play to prevent crime.

But what are private security services and how does it differ from public security? Private security is carried out by highly trained and accredited security personnel hired by a business whose sole job is to protect that business’s valuable assets.

Private security guards may be aided by advanced technological security systems and equipment. Public security, on the other hand, is law enforcement provided by the government and looks after the safety interests of the general public.

Private security firms offer a range of security services to offer clients comprehensive security coverage. These security services can be tailored to meet individual business needs.

4 Common private security services

Private security firms have to work to protect against vandalism, theft, fire and any other threat that puts the business and its people at risk. In order to provide security and protection at the highest level, professional private security services may include the following.

·       On-site professionally-trained guards

On-site security guards are a staple for businesses such as retailers, convenience stores, banks, healthcare settings and entertainment complexes. In offering protection services, security guards are a visible form of security that deter criminals from causing damage to property or threatening the safety of employees or visitors and minimizes the loss of goods and equipment. On-site security guards are often the first to respond to emergency situations and offer value-add services like customer service.

·       Mobile patrols

Some businesses choose mobile security patrol services to safeguard their property instead of having a security guard placed on site. In a mobile patrol service, patrols will be carried out by a trained security guard at agreed times to check on the interior and exterior premises of a business to ensure there are no security concerns: unauthorized persons lurking about, vandalism or energy wastage.

·       Stewarding

Stewarding is the security service mainly reserved for events (indoor or outdoor) that attract big crowds like trade shows, festivals or sports events.

How does a private security company take command of a business’s security needs? Here’s a look at the diverse range of duties trained private security personnel are required to perform.

The many roles of a private security firm

To help them provide the very best in security and protection for the clients, private security guards rely on the following roles:

·       To observe and report

Excellent observational skills are a non-negotiable trait for a security guard to have. It is imperative that a security guard keep an eye out for anything that looks out of the ordinary. They also need to have a vivid recollection of events to report to first responders and law enforcement in case an unfortunate incident occur.

·       To be visible

The physical presence of a trained security guard is second to none in creating a feeling of safety. Positioned in high-traffic areas, security guards can be an essential part of a security guard’s effectiveness.

·       To monitor access to the property

In organizations such as hospitals and schools and other workspaces where access to buildings or sites is restricted to authorized persons, security guards can monitor entrances and exits to ensure no unwanted visitors gain access. Security guards positioned at these points can record in the visitors’ log book the name and credentials of visitors and vendors entering the premises.

·       To take action in emergency situations

In the event of a security threat or emergency situation, the security guard’s first duty is to take appropriate action. It is part of their professional training for security guards to be prepared to respond to any emergency situation like overseeing the safe evacuation of big crowds in the event of a security threat.

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