Why Do Companies Hire A Private Security Contractor?

Why should you hire a private security contractor in Phoenix, AZ to protect your business or workplace?  The presence of adequate physical security and protection, for one, ties directly to the successful growth and profitability margins of a company.

The Journal of Management and Marketing Research suggests that criminal activity contributes in part to 30 percent of business closures. The cost of loss of stock and repairing and replacing damaged property can be particularly punishing for a business owner. The U.S. Small Business Administration cites that the cost of a single incident of vandalism, on average, amounts to $3,370.

Then consider the significance behind the following two statistics.

Since the dawn of the digital era, eCommerce has rivalled brick-and-mortar stores for the attention of consumers, but, according to “Elevating the Customer Experience: The Impact of Sensory Marketing, hope is on the horizon for in-store retailers. This new global study conducted by Mood Media found that 78 percent of consumers prefer the in-store shopping experience due to the unique in-store shopping experience.

According to figures posted in the American occupational safety and health magazine, EHS Today, 1 in 7 employees is concerned about workplace violence.  Not only do employees not feel safe at work, but many also add that they are ill-prepared to respond to an incident if one occurs.

How safe a consumer feels during their in-store shopping experience and how safe an employee feels at work tie directly to sales and productivity – key elements that essentially drive profitability and business growth.

Outsourcing your company’s physical security needs to a specialist security and protection contractor can safeguard your business’s reputation and its revenue potential. Here’s how.

Why Consider A Private Security Contractor?

The efficient specialist protective services of a professional security guard company can greatly improve the level of security of a business to external threats. Round-the-clock surveillance, professional handling of security-related incidents and preventive action are just some of the mainstays of specialist security and protection services.

The following benefits that relate to a business’s bottom line present excellent reasons why a business should consider hiring a private security protector:

  • Prevent business interruption

Criminal damage to digital equipment, furniture, machinery and vehicles can interfere with workflow processes, and hinder the delivery of goods and services. By preventing criminal activity from taking place in the first place, professional security services can protect the operations of a business.

  • Loss in potential sales

Customers who don’t feel safe shopping at a store will do one thing – they will shop elsewhere. The bodily presence of a well-trained security guard can reinstate a sense of security in customers that will allow them to shop in peace.

  • Reduced insurance costs

Any step a business owner takes in levelling up security will usually result in a drop in business insurance costs.

Which is best? To employ internal security or to hire a specialist security company contractor?

The benefits of a specialist security company contractor

Here are some of the reasons why contracting a professional outfit to beef up security and protection at your place of business makes more sense.

  • Security companies are in the business of protection

This means that they keep a finger on the pulse of all the latest trends in safety protocols and state-of-the-art technologies used in security and protection. Your business benefits from this superior knowledge and experience.

  • Security guards arrive professionally trained

A lot of time and money can be spent training internal security staff on the various facets of security: patrolling, monitoring, access control, surveillance and reporting. These costs are borne by professional security contractors so you get fully qualified security guards who are already equipped to respond to external threats and emergencies.

  • Unrivaled knowledge of security technology

No one knows more about security than security professionals. Professional security guards are well-informed on the latest standards in security technology including surveillance and access control technologies.

  • Professional security contractors can be more cost-effective in the long run

Taking into consideration the cost of the recruiting process, the cost of a full-time employee and the all-important training costs, hiring out security and protection to a contractor company may be more cost-effective.

Also, consider the risk of an internal security guard who has not received proper training in security and protection. Your business is made more vulnerable to security breaches and external threats that may end up costing your business in more ways than just monetarily.

Why choose Cutty Protection and Security

For the best in private security contractors, it pays to find a security company with a wealth of experience and a good reputation that speaks for itself. One name that has been a leading provider of superior security and protection services in Phoenix, AZ for 30 years and counting is Cutty Protection and Security.  Give us a call to learn more about what we do.